Your Stoweflake meeting has the luxury of a multitude of activities year-round. From the on-site professional golf practice facility and state-of-the-art Sports & Wellness Center, to organized team-building events, your meeting can be enhanced by activities that suit your needs. We find that setting goals for your group or event helps.

Choose from activities such as the Stowe scavenger hunt that allows groups to explore the many attractions the town has to offer to physical and mental challenges.

Contact the Stoweflake Sales team at 802-760-1049 to learn more about the different activities we can design for your group!

Unique Teambuilding Opportunities


The simplicity and complexity of working with a team of dogs has many parallel to the office environment and in establishing a healthy productive working team. The similarity to consider are: the goals for the work product, choosing qualified team members for the job to be performed, understanding the difference in learning styles, working the personalities of the members and promoting leadership qualities. These are some of the team building skill that Owner of October Siberians, Rob Farley, will share from working with a dog pack, and its hierarchy, to achieve a high performance team. Rob's team building program offers a simplistic and amusing approach to working with each other and developing good leader among your team.