Put wellness on the agenda for your next meeting. In collaboration with our world-class Spa and Wellness Center, Meeting Planners can easily incorporate a range of group activities that promote personal health and wellbeing. Your group will emerge refreshed, recharged, and the meeting will be transformed.

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Wellness Programs for Corporate Events

Group Wellness Activities

Yoga Class

A gentle practice for all experience levels. Comfortable exercise clothing is recommended.

Benefits: Increased awareness, calm mind and relaxed body.

50 minutes | $15 pp

Guided Meditation and Breathing Practice

Get swept away in relaxation and find deep calm. Attire that you can lie down on the floor in is recommended.

Benefits: Increased mental focus, better sleep and stress reduction.

50 minutes | $15 pp

Morning Movement

Wake up the body and stretch with a brief guided energizing session. Any attire is suitable.

Benefits: Increased energy, alert mind and positive attitude.

15 minutes | $2.50 pp

Guided Hikes

Get outside and breathe in Vermont fresh air and see our spectacular vistas.

Benefits: Increase cardiovascular fitness, improve mood and mental focus.

Length of time to be determined by hike destination.

Pricing determined by hike location and transportation needs.

Nordic Walking

This guided walk is an allover body work out using Nordic poles on our trails. Active wear and walking shoes required.

Benefits: Boosts metabolism, builds upper body strength.

50 minutes | $10 pp., 5 person minimum


A seasonal outing on our beautiful groomed trails or step off the trail for an adventure. Winter active wear and hiking or winter boots required.

Benefits: Energizes and awakens the mind and body.

50 minutes | $10 pp., 5 person minimum

Chair Massage Breaks

Enjoy a brief massage while being seated.

Benefits: Loosen tight muscles and calm the nervous system.

Duration upon request by the hour

Group Wellness Workshops

Ayurveda Daily Routines

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of life and wellness. Learn how the basic Ayurvedic  principles can bring balance to your life through daily routine.

Benefits: Improve sleep, digestion and energy level.

50 minutes | $15 pp

Sleep Tips

Learn helpful hints on improving sleep through evening routine, herbs and diet.

Benefits: Improved sleep and energy levels.

50 minutes | $15 pp


Discover easy remedies through aromatherapy for common daily ailments, such as headaches, stress, low energy and nausea.

Benefits: Easy natural remedies for daily health challenges.

50 minutes | $15 pp

Relaxation / Stress Management

Find out about tools to become a more balanced, calm person.

Benefits: Reduces stress, helps strengthen immune system, and focus the mind.

50 minutes | $15 pp

Weight Balancing

Learn tips to through daily routine to help promote your ideal weight depending on your personal goals.

Benefits: More energy, increased vitality and longevity.

50 minutes | $15 pp

Herbal Remedies

Pick up fun, helpful ideas to remedy common ailments such as nasal congestion, allergies, colds and sleep issues.

Benefits: Daily health issues remedied.

50 minutes | $15 pp

Introduction to Mindful Management

Review ideas on mindful communication with coworkers, coexisting in the work place in a peaceful way, and finding inner calm.

Benefits: A happy work place.

50 minutes | $15 pp

Individual Wellness Activities for Group Members

Spa Access

$20 pp

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